Bosscher Physiotherapy offers the best in skilled intervention and modalities scientifically proven to reduce pain and inflammation.

Comprehensive evaluation/assessment:


Initial Evaluation:
This is the first physiotherapy visit. It is inclusive of examination from the physiotherapist and required in order to identify the best individual program required.

Standard Treatment:
This refers to each visit following the Initial Evaluation. All visits will be with the physiotherapist that evaluated you on your first visit. You will never be handed off to an assistant.

Manual Therapy including soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, joint manipulation

1Two of our physiotherapists are Manual Therapy Certified (MTC) offering hands on techniques used to improve movement through joint mobilization and myofascial release. Restored movement is often the foundation needed to jumpstart your recovery.

Therapeutic Exercise

1Proper exercise is often the most important service needed to fully recover from injury or surgery. Carefully and specifically chosen and designed exercises will enhance your ability to recover faster and prevent further injury. Your physiotherapist will work with you in perfecting each movement and exercise chosen.

Deep Tissue Laser

Laser therapy is a non-invasive technique to help reduce pain and inflammation. Laser therapy can be safely used as an adjunct or replacement for pharmaceutical drugs. This pain relief treatment is FDA cleared and enables patients to have an alternative to drugs and surgery.

Other Services




Electrical Stimulation



Other services provided include Pilates for Rehabilitation, Pre/Post Natal Care, Electrical Stimulation, Ultrasound, Kinesiotaping, Paraffin, Moist heat/Cold Therapy, Vestibular Rehab, Cardiac Rehab and Neurological Rehab.

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