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Physiotherapy Services

Bosscher Physiotherapy offers the best in skilled intervention and modalities scientifically proven to reduce pain and inflammation.

  • Comprehensive Evaluation/Assessment
  • Manual Therapy including Soft Tissue Mobilization, Joint Mobilization, Joint Manipulation
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Deep Tissue Laser
Full marks all around. Personal interest – encouragement, punctual with appointments, lovely surroundings, easy parking, and great results.
In December 2011, I had a spinal problem. I could barely stand for longer than 10 to 15 minutes without excruciating pain, and I was faced with the possibility of having surgery, which I absolutely did not want. My neurosurgeon recommended Bosscher Physiotherapy. I had about 8 sessions with Kelly and by the end of that I was back to normal. The pain had gone and has not come back since then. I continue to do the exercises most days. Kelly is very patient and friendly, and made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend her to anyone.
I felt like family there. Kelly and Brandon made sure that you were comfortable and provided excellent advice and expertly tailored physiotherapy sessions. With their help I was able to quickly recover and return to a normal life and back at work. Thank you and God Bless.
Had great results. Everything was perfect!
Finally, a physiotherapist who is knowledgeable, professional yet caring, listens to his patients and is not interested in milking you for every penny he can get out of you. my problem is chronic and Brandon helped me to get to a point where i can manage on my own, and I feel reassured that I should I run into problems again he will work with me to regain a pain free and normal lifestyle. Best of luck, and know that I still sing your praises. Thank you.
My knee started hurting in 2014. Initially the pain was bearable since it never lasted more than 15 minutes. I tried to ignore the pain despite it getting progressively worse. My mom recommended Bosscher Physiotherapy.
At first I was skeptical since I always thought physiotherapists were for athletes and older people. However I decided to give it a try and within the first week of working with Kelly the pain was subsiding. The treatment only lasted for three weeks but to this day (one year later) I am pain free and very grateful.

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